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Hassan Essam​

If you’re reading that, hey, how are you?

My name is Hassan Essam.
Egyptian nationality
Since 2012, I have been working in online self-employment and, simultaneously, I have been working within one of the largest project management companies in Egypt.

At the beginning of my self-employment journey, I had a great passion for Graphic Design and branding, and I started learning through courses via Udemy and YouTube, I was relying on my learning to apply practical lessons through the explanations I see, which made it easier for me to learn to use tools and programs like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

It started in the app and then provided services through Arab free platforms such as Khamsat and international such as Freelancer, Fiverr and Upwork
But I didn’t feel like this was my best place.

So I decided to work career Shift in the field of programming and started studying Full-Stack Developer track but after completing it I did not feel passionate I remained distracted and oscillated between working in web programming and working in the design of Graphic and for psychological stability I decided in 2014 career shift for the second time and went to study the field of marketing in general and then study digital and electronic marketing and then my passion led me towards specialization in the field of improving search engines and since this year I am working in the field of improvement Search engines without change but beside him, I developed my skills in management and in business development and through my experience I was able to work for the first time as an assistant to the business development manager in one of the companies managing projects that were under construction through which I was able to develop my skills and exploit my social skills in building relationships and worked to increase the company’s relationships and the size of the cooperation between it and other companies

In 2016, I founded a volunteer activity called Quest Live aimed at teaching students work skills, through which I and many of the students’ development specialists contribute and raise their skills and education, and I will not talk about the story of launching this activity anymore because I explained it in its part of my account below you can read it if you like

I constantly seek to develop myself and not only learn one thing, I seek to learn constantly and always broadly to exchange knowledge.

I work side by side with founders and CEOs on their business strategies, develop their projects and companies, go to the market and map the way to grow 🚀
Hassan Essam

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