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حسن عصام
Years of experience

About Hassan Essam

Hassan Essam is an Egyptian writer, entrepreneur, business growth, and corporate development specialist.
He is the first Egyptian SEO specialist to receive the position of a jury member in the competition (Global Search Awards and MENA Search Awards) among the 50 best specialists worldwide.
Hassan Essam is well-known in creative marketing, business development, and growth.
Also considered the youngest director, producer, playwright, and advertisements writer, he is also a famous digital book author. His books make him a recognizable face. In recent years, his fame has been immense on the digital scene.
Hassan gave more than 100 lectures between training courses or marketing and administrative discussions and advice, some on the Internet and others in some Egyptian institutes and universities, the most famous of which was a lecture at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University in 2020, before the start of the isolation and pandemic.

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A brief of Hassan Essam

How did Hassan Essam start?

In 2014, Hassan started freelance work online while working as a graphic designer.
He then began to delve deeper into the study of several areas, including digital marketing, web programming, project management, and development.
Hassan worked with great brands around the world.
He worked as a remote employee with several companies, the most famous of which is Harry in the United Kingdom and Canada.
Hassan has launched several initiatives in Egypt and the Arab world to teach young people self-employment skills and provide them with quick job opportunities to solve the unemployment problem.

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Hassan Essam

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